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Policies and Procedures


Navigate through the different categories below to consult all of our policies, procedures and forms.



Transportation Policy P.01 (PDF)

Special Needs Policy P.02 (PDF)

Safety Policy P.03 (PDF)

Operational Policy P.04 (PDF)

Human Resources Policy P.05 (PDF)

Finance Policy P.06 (PDF)

Place holder P.07 

Governance Policy P.08

Transportation Procedures

AP.01.01 New Student Registration Assignment Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.04 Young Student Registration Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.04 Young Student Registration Attachment (PDF)

AP.01.05 Designated Stops/Assigned Routes Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.06 Designated Stop Change Request Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.07 Joint Custody Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.08 Temporary Seat Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.09 Special Needs Transportation Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.10 Special Needs Verification and Assignment Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.11 Lost Student Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.12 Day Care Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.13 Small Vehicle Arrangement Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.14 Cultural Exchange Students Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.15 Emergency Transportation Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.16 Temporary Transportation Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.17 Alternate Address Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.18 Late Transportation Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.19 Education Field Trips Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.20 Transportation Consideration for Secondary Students Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.21 Vehicle Loading/Unloading Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.22 Transfers Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.23 Equipment on Vehicles Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.24 Vehicles Idling Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.25 Electronic Devices Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.25 Electronic Devices Procedure HTA Attachment (PDF)

AP.01.25 Electronic Devices Procedure Ont. Regulation 366/09 Attachment (PDF)

AP.01.26 Lost or Stolen Items on the Vehicle Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.28 Capacity Rating of Vehicles/15 Passenger Van Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.29 School Vehicle Complaint Flowchart (PDF)

AP.01.30 Route Review Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.31 Duration of Route Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.33 Out of Boundary Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.40 Responsibility of Transportation Operators Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.41 Responsibility of Drivers Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.42 Responsibility of Schools Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.43 Responsibility of Students Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.44 Standards of Performance Procedure (PDF)

AP.01.81 Inclement Weather, School Closure & Emergency Evacuation Transportation Arrangements (PDF)

AP.01.91 Ridership, Run & Route Review Procedure

AP.01.93 Operator Audits Procedure

Special Needs Procedures

AP.02.01 Accessibility Plan - Loading and Unloading (PDF)

AP.02.02 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Procedure (PDF)

AP.02.03 Emergency Administration of First Aid Procedure (PDF)

AP.02.05 Transporting Service Dogs Procedure (PDF)

Safety Procedures

AP.03.01 RCJTC First Ride Program Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.02 First Aid/CPR Certification Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.03 Hazard Checklist Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.04 Bus Evacuation Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.05 School Bus Danger Zones Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.06 School Bus Mirror Adjustment Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.07 Vehicle Collision/Disruption/Near Hit Reporting (PDF)

AP.03.07.1 Collision Preventability Determination Guideline (PDF)

AP.03.08 Incident Reporting Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.10 Surveillance Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.11 Event of a Lost Child Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.12 Front Seat Air Bags Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.13 Seat Belt Assemblies Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.14 Pandemic Planning and Response Procedure (PDF)

AP.03.15 Reporting Child Abuse Procedure (PDF)

Operational Procedures

AP.04.01 School Bell Time Change Procedure - All Boards (PDF)

AP.04.02 Records Retention Procedure (PDF)

AP.04.03 Transportation Services Evaluation Procedure (PDF)

AP.04.04 Responsibility of RCJTC Procedure (PDF)

AP.04.06 Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF)

AP.04.07 Process for Appealing Decisions (PDF)

AP.04.07 Appeal Process Flowchart (PDF)

Human Resources Procedures

AP.05.01 Respectful Workplace Procedure

AP.05.04  Key Code Control

AP.05.06 Criminal Reference Checks and Offence Declarations Procedure (PDF)

AP.05.07 Emergency Response Procedure

AP.05.08 Holidays and Vacation Procedure

AP.05.09 Health and Safety Procedure

AP.05.10 Workplace Harassment Procedure

AP.05.11 Health and Safety - Violence in the Workplace Procedure (PDF)

AP.05.17 Performance Evaluation Procedure

AP.05.18 Succession Plan Procedure (PDF)

AP.05.25 Special Leave Procedure (PDF)

AP.05.26 Alternative Work Environments Procedure - Pilot (PDF)

Finance Procedures

AP.06.01 Budget Procedure (PDF)

AP.06.02 Financial Reporting Procedure (PDF)

AP.06.03 Corporate Credit Cards/Purchasing Cards Procedure (PDF)

AP.06.04 Disposal of Furniture and Equipment Procedure (PDF)

AP.06.05 Property Damage or Theft Procedure (PDF)

AP.06.06 Levels of Authorization Required for the Expenditure of Operating Funds Procedure (PDF)

AP.06.07 Reimbursement for Expenditures Incurred on RCJTC Business Procedure (PDF)

AP.06.08.01 Purchasing Procedure

AP.06.08.02 Supply Chain Code of Ethics Procedure

AP.06.09 Invoice Processing Procedure

AP.06.10 Audited Financial Statements Procedure

AP.06.11.01 Transportation Operator Contract Procedure

AP.06.11.02 Transportation Operator Contract Requirements Procedure

AP.06.11.03 Transfer of Transportation Operator Contracts Procedure

Place holder
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Governance Procedures

AP.08.01 Board of Directors Meetings - Electronic Participation Procedure (PDF)

AP.08.05 Signing Officers Procedure (PDF)

AP.08.06 Internal Communication Procedure (PDF)

AP.08.08 Confidentiality of Information Procedure (PDF)

AP.08.14 Access to Information and Privacy Procedure

AP.08.15 Business Continuity Plan Procedure

Transportation Forms

F.01.01 Student Transportation Request

F.01.03 Application for Transportation for Medical Reasons (PDF)

F.01.06.1 Request for Stop Location Review Form

F.01.06.2 Stop Location Review - Observation Form

F.01.08.1 Temporary Seat Application Form 

F.01.08.2 Letter of Authorization/Denial for Temporary Seat (PDF)

F.01.11 Lost Student Report (PDF)

F.01.15 Emergency Transportation Pass (PDF)

F.01.18 Late Transportation Pass (PDF)

F.01.20 Transportation Consideration for Secondary Students Request (PDF)

F.01.29 School Vehicle Complaint Form

F.01.35 Stop Arm Violation Tracking Form

F.01.81.1 Inclement Weather Spotter Report (PDF)

F.01.81.2 Record of Transportation Cancellations/Delays (PDF)

F.01.81.A Communication Procedures for System Wide Transportation Cancellations (PDF)

F.01.81.B Communication Procedures for General Area Transportation Cancellations (PDF)

F.01.81.C Communication Procedures for Individual Route Cancellations (PDF)

F.01.81.D Communication Procedures for Individual Route Delays (PDF)

F.01.81.E Communication Procedures for Individual Vehicle Breakdown (PDF)

F.01.81.F Communication Procedures for the Transportation Service Sector During Emergency School Closure and/or Early/Late Dismissal (PDF)

F.01.92 Decline Transportation Form

F.01.93 Route Audit Form

Special Needs Forms

F.02.01.1 Personalized Accessibility Plan for Students with a Special Need (PDF)

F.02.01.2 Specialized Transportation Request (PDF)

Safety Forms

F.03.07.1 Collision Report Form (PDF)

F. Collision Checklist and Communication Template for RCJTC Staff (PDF)

F.03.07.2 Disruption Report Form (PDF)

F. Disruption Checklist and Communication Template for RCJTC Staff (PDF)

F.03.07.3 Near Hit Report Form Level 1 / Near Hit Report Form Level 2 (PDF)

F. Near Hit Checklist and Communication Template for RCJTC Staff (PDF)

F.03.08.1 Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form (PDF)

F.03.08.2 Breach of Discipline Report Form (PDF)

F.03.10.1 Video Surveillance Access Log (PDF)

F.03.10.2 Video Surveillance Recorded Material Release Form (PDF)

F.03.10.3 Storage Device Disposal Record (PDF)

F.03.10.4 Video Surveillance Sign for Vehicle (PDF)

F.03.10.5 Video Surveillance Notification to Parents (PDF)

F.03.12.1 Seat Belt Assembly - Booster Seat Operator Letter (PDF)

F.03.12.2 Seat Belt Assembly - Booster Seat Guardian Letter (PDF)

F.03.13.1 Seat Belt Assembly - Booster Seat Operator Letter (PDF)

F.03.13.2 Seat Belt Assembly - Booster Seat Guardian Letter (PDF)

F.03.15 Referral to Family & Children's Services (PDF)

Operational Forms

F.04.01 Request for School Bell Time Change (PDF)

F.04.02.1 Table of Laws and Citations with Records Retention Requirements (PDF)

F.04.02.2 Records and Information Management Classification & Retention Guideline Schedule (PDF)

F.04.03 Transportation Services Evaluation for Schools (PDF)

F.04.06 Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF)

F.04.07 Transportation Appeal Process Form

Human Resources Forms

F.05.01 Respectful Workplace: Formal Complaint Form

F.05.03  Confidentiality Agreement

F.05.04  Lost Key Report Form

F.05.05  RCJTC Employee Exit Protocol and Checklist

F.05.06  Offence Declaration

F.05.07.1 Fire Emergency Plan Floor Register

F.05.07.2 Fire Emergency Plan Evacuation Drill Record Sheet

F.05.09.1 First Aid/Injury Report Form

F.05.09.2 WSIB Treatment Memorandum Form

F.05.09.3 WSIB Functional Abilities Form

F.05.10.1 Workplace Harassment: Informal Resolution Form

F.05.13 Employee Training Record

F.05.17.1 Performance Appraisal Report Support Staff Form

F.05.17.2 Performance Appraisal Report Managers Form

F.05.26.1 RCJTC Alternative Work Environment Agreement Pilot Form

F.05.26.2 RCJTC Alternative Work Environment Safety Checklist for Employees Pilot Form

Finance Forms
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Governance Forms
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