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Covid-19 Information


The Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium has prepared the below information in collaboration with the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board, Renfrew County District School Board, and the Renfrew County District Health Unit to ensure the safety of our drivers and students during the school year.  This information is expected to change and evolve frequently as new information and guidance becomes available.

The RCJTC recognizes that the lifting of health and safety measures, province-wide, will be an adjustment for students, staff, and school communities. Kindness, patience, and understanding will be key for all of us to remember as this transition occurs.

General Information:

Transportation availability:

Where possible we are asking families to consider active forms of travel (for example, walking and cycling) and private transportation this school year to ease pressure on transportation demand. We will be updating our Students Toolkit and Parents Toolkit with active transportation resources.

If your family will not be using school bus transportation this year please let us know using the Decline Transportation Form so that we can maintain accurate bus lists and assist with contact tracing. 

Preparing students for their trip to school:

Every day prior to leaving the house for the bus stop, families MUST perform a COVID-19 self assessment for all children. Children who are not well are not permitted to ride school buses or attend school.

Students MUST wash their hands thoroughly and/or use hand-sanitizer prior to getting on the bus and SHOULD sanitize their hands again after exiting the bus.

Families SHOULD encourage children to wear a non-medical mask while riding the bus (effective March 21, 2022 students are no longer required to wear masks).

Reviewing basic bus safety rules is also critical, particularly for first time riders. The following resources are available to teach young students school bus safety: Students Toolkit.

At the bus stop:

Distancing at bus stops and on the bus is no longer required.

Reminder: Parents/guardians are responsible at all times for their children's safety and conduct at the bus stop (including walking to and from the bus stop).

Boarding the school bus:
Once the bus arrives, students SHOULD NOT crowd the front door. Rather, students SHOULD line up, where possible. Students SHOULD get to their seat and sit down with their school bag on their lap as quickly as possible.
Driver PPE:

Operators will do their utmost to keep the same driver on the same run, every day.  If drivers become ill, however, they will be expected to isolate for 5 or 10 days. The route may be covered by a spare driver or may be cancelled for the isolation period.

Because Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to protect the wearer, drivers of yellow buses and vans will have the option to wear whatever PPE they feel protects them best, or none at all, at their discretion. Drivers will be provided with PPE, including high-quality non-fit tested N95 masks (optional) or medical-grade masks, face shields, googles, and rapid antigen tests. 

Drivers will also self-assess daily and report any symptoms requiring further testing or isolation to their Employer. They will be provided with rapid antigen test kits should they become symptomatic.

Student non-medical mask requirements:

Respiratory and hand hygiene are critical mitigation strategies that limit the transmission of viruses.

Families SHOULD encourage children to wear a non-medical mask while riding the bus (effective March 21, 2022 students are no longer required to wear masks).

Mandatory seating plans:

There will no longer be mandatory seating plans on ALL school buses. However Bus Drivers/School Administrators may choose to continue seating plans at their discretion to ensure a safer ride. 

Cleaning of school buses:

 Cleaning on the bus will be completed twice daily. 

  • In the morning after both runs are completed there will be a high touch area cleaning (e.g. hand rails, tops of seats etc.). 
  • In the afternoon after both runs are completed there will be a deeper cleaning (e.g. hand rails, tops/front/back/bottom of seats, side walls under window, window sills, safety latches etc.). 

Where possible between runs the handrail should be wiped down. It should be noted that school buses are not sterile environments due to the number and frequency of passengers. 

Temporary seats for the 2021-2022 school year:

In previous years the RCJTC would fill available empty seats with students that were not eligible for transportation services. This year in an attempt to limit the number of students on a bus at one time we will NOT be approving temporary seats while there is a requirement to physically distance and cohort students. 

Families who have students who fall within walk distance of their school or who fall outside of the school's attendance boundary will have to make their own arrangements to get their children to/from school. Children at sitter addresses that are not eligible for transportation and students who have a younger sibling who is eligible to take the bus will NOT be approved to have Temporary Seats. 

 If a child becomes sick at school:
Families of a child who becomes sick at school will be expected to make arrangements to pick up their child. Children that are unwell will NOT be permitted to board the bus. All families SHOULD ensure that they have a plan to pick up children from school in the event they become ill and cannot ride the bus home.
Decline transportation:
If your family would like to decline transportation, please click here to complete the F.01.92 Decline Transporation Form.
 Active Transportation Resources: 
Students who reside within walk distance of their school gain so many benefits from a daily walk (or bike, or skateboard, or scooter ride) to school.  Click here to check out some of our resources including training videos, maps to help families with planning a parking spot that is within a five to ten minute walk from your school. Parking just a five to ten minute walk away from the school can help ease congestion around the school and provide families with an opportunity to get a few minutes of extra exercise while making it easier for everyone to stay physically distant.


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